Professional Timber Harvesting - Pine Thinnings, Wildlife Harvests, Clear Cuts

About Us

Steven R. Peter, President
I am often told how lucky I am when meeting new people.  That is because they quickly recognize my passion for trees and the forest.  I am lucky because I truly love what I do - helping landowners and clients establish and achieve desired objectives for their forestland.  My passion for trees and forests was established early in my childhood.  As far back as I can recall, I remember being amazed by trees and enjoying just looking at them.  After over twenty years working as a forestry professional I am still amazed by them and look for every opportunity to be around trees.

I went to college at Virginia Tech to pursue my passion for trees and graduated in 1993 with a B.S. in Forestry and Wildlife.  My area of focus for my degree was industrial forest operations.  In 1999, after working as a district forester in wood procurement for Stone Container Corporation out of Hopewell, Virginia, I decided to establish South Paw Forest Products, Inc.  Since 1999 South Paw has been working throughout Virginia helping landowners with their forest harvesting and management needs, as well as helping local mills with the procurement of pulpwood and sawlogs to keep their mills running.  Now with many years of experience applying sound forestry practices, I have gained a lot of knowledge that can be applied to help landowners accomplish desired goals and objectives for their property.  Professionalism and experience backed by a passion for the trees and quality work has equipped myself and the entire South Paw team with a unique ability to satisfy and serve our clients.