Professional Timber Harvesting - Pine Thinnings, Wildlife Harvests, Clear Cuts


Serving Central and Eastern Virginia South Paw Forest Products, Inc. was established in 1999 and has been assisting landowners with land and timber management specializing in pine thinnings, wildlife harvests, and clear cut harvests.  Our company operates on the principles of quality and integrity, and we take pride in the work we perform on each and every job.  We offer professional supervision with every harvesting operation and take the time to be sure our client’s goals and objectives are satisfied.  These characteristics are difficult to find in the high-speed, production oriented world we live in today.       

Forest Management
As a timber buyer, we not only implement modern and sustainable forestry practices on our own land but also manage over 10,000 acres throughout Virginia.  We believe that every landowner deserves a customized forestry prescription that not only meets the landowners goals and objectives but also insures the application of modern, sustainable forestry practices that will help preserve the health and productivity of our forests so that future generations can enjoy the same natural resources that we love and appreciate today.  Through our professionalism and trained staff we can help you determine which forest management regime best fits your goals whether it is based on the present time or several years in to the future.

Having developed strong and positive relationships with many local markets, we can utilize pine and hardwood pulpwood as well as pine and hardwood sawtimber.  Every stand of timber is composed of a diversity of species.  For this reason, we find it very important to take advantage of the available markets to utilize the timber within every tract to benefit the landowner in the most economical way possible.  As there is a constant demand for forest products, from toilet paper to lumber, working closely with local mills allows us to offer competitive prices for standing timber.  Whether it is an unthinned pine plantation, a mature hardwood forest, or mixed stand of pine and hardwood we are interested in purchasing your timber.

Tidewater Lumber Corporation
South Paw Forest Products, Inc. has positioned itself as a unique timber purchaser in that it has the strength of an exclusive partnership with one of Virginia’s longest running saw mills. Located in Tappahannock, Virginia, Tidewater Lumber Corporation produces and supplies quality lumber products to a large customer base ranging from the East Coast all the way to China. Working closely with Tidewater Lumber Corporation, the majority of the sawtimber purchased by our team at South Paw Forest Products, Inc. helps maintain an adequate inventory of Pine and Hardwood logs on their site. Your timber could add inventory to their wood yard while supporting a local business. Ultimately the decision is yours…where will your timber end up?